Shopping cart one line of text won't translate (even manually)

We’re using translations as described by you guys in some other threads and for the most part it is working fine. But on the cart in woocommerce we’ve got the cross sell text “YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN…”
I’ve tried the solution given in some of your other posts but that’s not worked for us. We already have the string translated in our translation files into Swedish.
We’ve also tried editing directly in the woocommerce templates/cart/cros-sells.php and chaging the text there but still no luck.
Help! Is this being pulled from somewhere totally different?

Thanks in advance.

Hi There,

Thanks for writing in! Are you using a plugin to translate or using our translation guide (

It is there on the x.pot file as follows.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply. Yes using Loco translate and have followed the guide. Have checked the x.pot file and it’s translated there already?

Would you like to have a look?

Hi There,

Please provide us with your login credentials in a secure note to check. Please provide following information:

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Hey @aminternetdesign,

I see you have not translated in Loco Translate yet. I tried translating but it does not work though. If you wish to proceed with Loco Translate, you will have to contact their support for usage instructions

For us to continue investigating, we need that you follow our translation guide given previously. Let us know once this is done then give us the correct FTP credentials because I could not login using the one you posted.


Hi, thanks for looking. I’ve followed the translation guide. Sorry the sftp didn’t work I’m adding a new secure note now.

Hi There,

If the translated file did not work, probably there is a bug on it, we’ll take a deeper look into this. But for now, let’s translate the upsell heading manually via a template. To do this navigate to: \x\woocommerce\single-product and copy the file up-sells.php

Then navigate to \x-child\woocommerce\single-product (create this path if it’s not existent) then paste the up-sells.php file there, open/edit it and you’ll see the You may also like… phrase, translate that to the proper phrase then save.

Make sure to clear your browser’s cache and all your caching plugins/feature before previewing the page.

Hope that helps,

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Hi, thanks for the instruction. I’m afraid the text in the cart is: YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN…
In the up-sells.php file it’s: You may also like…

I changed it as your instructions just incase but it’s not affected our cart. Is it just a different file I need?

Hi There,

Oh so its the one on the cart page, that is the cross-sells.php file under /x/woocommerce/cart/, the same instruction above but different file and different path.