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Hi there, I just bought the X Theme from themeforest. It is the first time that I bought a multipurpose premium theme. Ho do I get started with everything. I downloaded the “x_package” from the email I received. What must I do now? How do I install and setup everything? I am not sure. Can I upload it like usual through my wordpress back? Last questions are, how can I install the child theme and do you have tutorial videos available for the X Theme?
Thanks, Susen

To install X, go to your wordpress dashboard and go to Appearance > Themes > Add Theme > Upload Theme and pick the X theme from where you downloaded it. Then activate it.

There are some tutorials here on YouTube that you can check out:

You can check out the Knowledge Base here:

Here are some more help articles:

I would browse the knowledge base and read up on that and check out the youtube tutorials.

Hi there Susen, @suetrue.

Thanks for writing in!

@donwattz1459 has provided some excellent advice and the Knowledge base and “getting started” article are indeed the best things to check out first.

Any issues, we’re here to help. :slight_smile:


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