Setting up envira


I purchased a license that includes envira. It does not show after i have installed x so i downloaded the plugin. It seems to be showing the free version. How do I get the inclusion from my theme?

Hello @Pobre,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

You question is a bit confusing. So let me try and address as per my understanding.

  1. You purchased X Theme license: Envira gallery is free for X Theme customers as it comes bundled with the theme and there is no need to enter the licence. You will get the updates from Themeco and that’s the reason why it is not necessary to enter any license for this plugin.
  2. You purchased a separate licence for Envira gallery: In case you have purchased a separate license for Envira Gallery and want to register the same, please take a look at following article on how Envira Gallery has been integrated with X Theme. Please give special attention to Bundled Version section:


Thanks for replying, Prasant. I got as far as installing it from the package.

It seems to be asking me to upgrade for the add-ons. I was under the impression that I would have all the features for envira, not the lite version. Can you confirm?

Hi There,

The plugin is coming with the theme is a full version not a lite version. You can get all the feature.
and you don’t need a separate purchase key for this. Even you can update it when the update comes from Themeco.

Hope this is clear!

How do I set up the full version? The one I have installed is showing that I need to upgrade to get the add ons. Please see below.

Hi Pobre,
Envira add-ons aren’t included in the bundled version of the plugin that comes with the theme, for more details please check this reply:


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