Setting a Three Column Template

I want to setup a three column layou like on this site:

When I developed the OMP some years agao Cornerstone offered 2 and 3 column templates. I don't see them in the current version. Are there still available? If so, where do I go in the editor to find them?

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! When we release Cornerstone, you can insert a section then rows with up to 5 columns. Please edit a page in Cornerstone and then in the row settings, define how many columns you want to display.

Hope this helps.

Are the pemade templates for columns permanently gone?

the section that I'm trying to replicate is the our services section on this site:

I need to create a three column with text above it like that on another x themed site. When I created the OMP site there were pre-made templates with this layout I could use. I don't see them in the current cornerstone/x theme.

Hello @spencey,

Thanks for updating the thread.

I believe you are pointing to the 3 column template that we had before template manager was introduced. Yes, that been replaced by the template manager. To learn more about template manager, please take a look at following resource:

You can mimic the layout by changing the layout and then using image, headline, text and button element. I have recorded a screencast that you can take a look to get started:


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