Set max-width for pages without a container

I am not using a container on some pages, but I would still like to set the max width for the content area. I’m accomplishing it now by setting a max-width for each section with automatic margins, but I’m sure there is a way to do this at the page level. Can you please let me know the css for this? Thanks!

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On this page, I’ve set the sections to a max-width of 850px. I’d like to make that change to other pages, but am assuming their is a more efficient way to do it.

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That’s okay too since it’s max-width, if you set it to width then that’s wrong. What you did is just okay since it’s specific to a section.

You shouldn’t change max-width globally when your target are few.


So that’s not very helpful. I don’t want to have to do it section by section. I’d like know how to set it for a page.

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You can do it using page ID if you need to implement it on a specific page, for example for this page you can use this css:

.page-id-501 .x-section {
    max-width: 1100px;

max-width will be applied on all of your sections on that particular page. To find out find post / page ID’s please see

Hope this helps!

Thanks. Is there a way to do it within the page CSS option so you don’t have to go to the customizer and you don’t need to worry about the page id?

Hi again,

Yes that is possible. In Cornerstone click on CSS button (see screenshot) and add your CSS in there, this will be applied to that page only.