Seo does not detect HEadline Element only detects classic headline


For some reason healdine elements are not detected by crawlers only when using classic headline elemnts there is proper detection of h1 h2 etc.

Any reason for this ? Effects SEO.

You can replicate the issue and check quickly using this

Hey @vividground,

Crawling elements varies depending on the rules of the SEO tool and not the theme. It could be that the tool excludes headlines that are nested inside several layers of HTML elements. See the comparison of the HTML structure of the Classic Headline (simple) and the Headline element below (complex).


Please send that screenshot to support to verify what they support.

It is important to note though that does not represent Google nor any search engine. Cornerstone is used in thousands of websites including websites of SEO professionals. If Cornerstone causes Search Engine Crawling problems, we would have gotten many complaints.

If you believe in, you need to use the Classic elements because we cannot turn the V2 or non-classic elements’ structure like the Classic ones.

Thank you for understanding.

Thanks for the great explanation.

Could you recommend a really good SEO plugin that works well with X theme? Rank Math which iquiet good doesnt seem compatible and yoast is not that great.

Hi @vividground,

Unfortunately, we don’t recommend any 3rd Party plugins.


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