Section Template Not Loading on Page

I have a section template saved that I had used several months ago on multiple occasions, but I just created a new page and now the template is not loading. Nothing actually happens. I can select the template name and select to replace content and nothing happens at all. I am not sure what the conflict actually is because I haven’t worked on the site since the last time and of course I have to get a project done now.
Pro Version: 3.2.3
WordPress 5.6

You have the details in the secure note. I’ve been able to add elements like a button and apply a saved button template, just not the Section template

Hello @Kev,

Thanks for writing in! The given credentials have very limited privileges. Please change the role as an Administrator instead. Meanwhile, please make sure that you are up to date. Pro version 4.0.11 works best with WordPress 5.6.

Best Regards.

My mistake. I made you an admin.

I am deeply afraid of breaking my site by updating to 4.0.11. I have some classic elements in there and about 100 pages/posts so I am VERY hesitant to update at this point.

@ruenel I did a staging update and everything looked good so I brought it over. The section template still does not load.

I had to save another template in order for it to work.

Hi Kev,

It sounds like you’ve got this working now, albeit you needed to save another template. So I believe this is resolved, but if you still need our assistance, just let us know.