Section on published page Higher than in Pro builder - can't find a reason

Hello, I have a section on front page ( that contains a global block which is made from two classic sliders (lef-right). They are content related. Each text goes along with image on the left. On published page this section appears a lot higher than it should be.

I have pasted CSS code in CSS content from this topic: because I have tried to make lower section which also contains classic slider not expanding up and down due to lazy load of the images. (On mobile view images are almost not visible until they are not fully loaded) or until you slide between the two sliders. This code affected height of upper section. I have deleted the code but section remained the same. I have tried to create new section and paste global blocks code in it but the problem persists. Before that it was ok.

Any clue where could be the problem?

This is the section I wanted to change so it would allways appear in full height of the content (even when picture is not lazy loaded).

I would appreciate for a help to “repair” the look of upper section to the right height and to make lower section not expanding up and down.

I am using A3 lazy load plugin for the images

Thank you and best regards,

UPDATE I have deleted the A3 lazy load plugin and replaced it with Wp Rocket. There is no more problem with bottom section (changing height) but upper section that looks too high still persist.

BR Peter

Hey Peter,

Please find the following code in your page or site and remove it.

.x-flexslider .x-slides .x-slide {
    min-height: 50vh;

If that doesn’t help, please give us WordPress Admin access in a Secure Note

Hope that helps.

I have deleted the CSS you have mentioned above. Problem still persist. You have username and pass in a secure note.

BR Peter

Hey Peter,

I can’t see the code anywhere so it could that your caching plugin is very aggressive. I created a test page and inserted your global block in there and the issue doesn’t happen there.

Please clear all caches including the server’s cache (if applicable, please ask your host). Also, clear your browser’s cache.

If clearing cache doesn’t help, you would need to rebuild the page. First, try saving the page as a template using the Template Manager. Then, create a new page and load the template. If this doesn’t work, I’m afraid you need to rebuild the page manually.

Hope that helps.

Thank you for your reply. I will try that. One more question regarding page speed optimisation. I have tried W3 total cache, WP fastest cache PRO, added lazy loading plugin for images. I have optimized images to be as light as possible … but still I get very low results in google page speed test (especially for mobile - from 15 to 30 max).

Any suggestions what else could I do receive better results? Host is providing g-zip compression, DNS and everything but results are still pretty bad. I don’t know what else could I do :frowning:

Thank you for your help,

Hey Peter,

Regarding website optimization, please note that our theme is just a part of WordPress and it’s optimized out of the box. There are lots of factors that are affecting the website speed so we could only point you to our Performance guide here: Other than that, you will need to consult with a speed optimization expert to give you recommendation for your specific setup.


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