Search column showing on mobile sometimes

It seems that for some reason, on some pages, sometimes there is a search column added on mobile views of my site and I have no idea where it is from or how to get rid of it. Any help would be appreciated.

Here’s a picture of what i mean:
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Hi there,

The search box also gets displayed on desktop and it’s supposed to be hidden and open when the search icon is clicked from the navigation.

Do you have any customization you have added to the child theme? If so, kindly try removing the code or changing it correctly.

Please also make sure you update to the latest version of X and Cornerstone and clear your site and browser cache after updating.

Hope this helps.

The only code I have added is that which I have been given through these support forums as I know next to nothing about code. This means that I am unable to look through the code and see what might be wrong which was why I created the support ticket.

I have updated the theme, cleared the cache and the problem is still there. It was on the page called “associates” but isn’t now. The problem is still showing on the blog page on mobile. I tried opening it in an incognito window to see if that made any difference but it didn’t. If you have any suggestions or insights I’d be very appreciative of your help

Hi There,

I’ve just cleared the cache of the Swift Performance plugin and this issue has gone:

Could you please double check again?


That is exactly what I did to clear the cache but it it is still showing the search column on the mobile view of the blog page.

Hey Richard,

I see your HTML is minified. Please disable HTML, CSS and Javascript minification as they usually cause layout issues. Clear your cache again after that. Also, X, Cornerstone and Pro’s assets are already optimized so there’s no need to minify them. For more details, please see our Performance guide.

If that does not help, please clear all caches again and deactivate your optimization plugin. We need to know if this issue is caused by the theme and not third party factors such as optimization. If you need to take into account your optimization setup, you will need to consult with a web developer because website optimization might require a site per site setup and that is outside the scope of our support.


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Thanks so much. I am using a plugin called Hummingbird and once I deactivated its minification features it fixed the problem. Cheers for your help

You’re welcome.

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