Scaling and positioning issues

Looks great on desktop view, but when scaled to a mobile format. Text seems to break the column and is tiny.

Image does not appear to be scaling either.

All I want is to recreate this menu page from your ethos demo.

Is there a template I can be using instead to achieve this?

This is the exact design and behavior I want

Please Show me how to recreate this menu style or provide me a template. I must be doing something wrong because I don’t feel like this should be this difficult

Also why do I only have 9 fonts?

Hello @royalcrown28,

Thanks for writing in! Just for future topics, self responding or bumping your post pushes it back in our Queue system so it takes longer to respond to.

When you create your layout as shown in your screenshot, simply have one section with one row and divide it into four columns. In each column, you may insert the image element, headline element and the text element. You should NOT separate the text element in another row so that you can achieve the desired layout both in desktop and mobile screens.

By the way, you only have 9 fonts because only 9 were created. You can create more or select a wide array of fonts by going to the Font Manager. To know more details about the font manager, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

Gotcha, i’ll be sure to open additional threads rather than commenting in the future.

At any rate, this is exactly what I have done. 1 section, 1 row, 4 columns. Yet it still looks awful on mobile.

Hi There,

Please change the text align option of your columns to center as well:

If it doesn’t work, please provide us with your website URL so we can take a closer look.

Thank you.

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