Saving Preset and then applying it doesn't work

I want to copy some section I have made but it leaves the rows/columns blank. I just saw that back on August 22nd you were aware of this bug.

Why hasn’t it been fixed more than two months later when it is such a vital feature to build pages quickly??? Am I missing something?

Hey Donna,

Regretfully, the Preset only copies the element settings and not elements within it.

You should save the section as a Content Template instead. For more details, please see


Thanks for your quick reply! May I suggest you make it more clear that you can’t use the preset in the builder to save content. I wasted a lot of time saving things that don’t work.

Thanks for your feedback, Donna. I’ll just add though that in the previous thread, it was my mistake that I thought this was a bug. Maybe that added to your confusion. I missed the distinction between the Preset Template and Content Template in the Template Manager documentation.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

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