Saving an element as a template for reuse

Hello. Is it possible to save an element, example an icon list, which could then be used on several pages? I know I can save whole pages as templates, but I’m not sure about specific elements of a page. This would be very useful. Thank you.

Hello @ElytraDesign,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

You can save the elements as preset to reuse. Here is a screencast that you can take a look.

Next, you also have the option of using Global block. In Global block you can design the element and then use the Global block element or generated shortcode to display the element across the website. Benefit you get is that if you wish to make some changes and want those changes to trickle down across the website where same element was added then Global block is a idea solution.

To learn more about Global block, please take a look at following resources.


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