Save page Layouts and Load elements from other pages


I’m trying to save a copy of all the page layouts I created using cornerstone builder.

I found a link that directs me to Managers. However, I don’t fully understand the concept because I’m unable to see “managers” in the list of Launch options I have. (see attached)

I’m trying to find a way to save layouts and export them to my computer. So, when I buy another license of x theme I simply want to import the saved page layouts along with the content and the images.

I also want to save a block (row) from another page and load it into a new page. For example, “Subscribe to the email” row is obviously used in multiple pages and I don’t want to create this row again, I simply want to copy it from a previous page. (see attached)

In the above exmple I want to save and load the green block/row on a different page.

Is this possible with this theme? Please guide. Thanks.

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, both features that you’re looking for will be available on the new Template Manager (but we cannot provide ETA on when is the release though). It will have a Global Block element where you can create one section and insert that section to any of your pages, and that block will become an edit-one-edit-all section.

For now, you can save your page template as csl file one at a time.

Hope it helps,

Seems like there is an update

I waitied 12 hours, ran the “Check update” from the overview of this theme’s homepage. “Checked Every 12 Hours
Nothing to report.” I’m not able to receive automatic update. I’m badly in need to use the reusing blocks option, so I can speed up my work. Please let me know how to update automatically asap.


Hey @harish,

The new version is currently available via manual updates. Please check our Changelog, Release Notes and follow our Update Guide.


How do I save a section as a themeco block. I found a way to insert them in the page but not sure how to save a section as a global block and reuse it in a different page.

Okay. I updated the cornerstone Plugin and now I see the global block. Is there a way to save an existing section as a global block instead of creating a new global block? The reason I’m asking is, there are 1000s of users who already built their sites and they want to save the sections that they already built and should be able to reuse them.

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! A global block is different and independent from the content template. To save an existing section as a global block, you must save the section first as content block template and then create a new global block and load the the previously saved section as content block template. There is no shortcode for a section to be save directly as a global block. We can have this added as a feature request though so it can be taken into consideration for future development.

Thank you for your understanding.

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