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@christian_y, what is the status?


Hi MS,

Thanks for reaching back out. I can clarify that we have no plans to add this behavior. When saving templates in the content builder they will always be just the sections.

The old way of saving a “Page” or “Block” was really just a shortcut to automatically save everything and to delete the page contents when importing. When we created the Template Manager we changed the UI to allow you to select sections and have them all selected by default.

If custom CSS is the important factor than I would recommend following Christian’s advice on using Element CSS. You can also add custom Javascript inside a Content Area element or Classic Raw Content provided you wrap it in a tag.


Thank you for the honesty.

Frankly I find this most disappointing. I will move my sites back to OptimizePress

You’re most welcome and sorry to hear that, thanks!

I would love to know why it was removed, however.

This is not a tiny regression.

Hey @mswengel,

The old system’s code might have had a limitation which does not allow the creation of new features.

Based on Alex’s response, the old system of saving a template was replaced by a new system which is the Template Manager. It primarily:

That is among other beneficial features of the Template Manager that is not available before like Presets. For a full list of features, please see the Template Manager documentation at

We hate to see you go but though the old saving system was replaced, it’s for the better of the whole system that is based on studies and also user feedback.

This is a feature I used constantly. I really need it back.

Perhaps you could consider that feedback.

Hi @mswengel,

We didn’t actually remove anything. The old version didn’t save the page settings either. We just simplified some of the terminology. You now have content templates instead of the former “block” and “page” templates.

I was able to save entire pages previously. We’ve already had that conversation. It was definitely removed.

Hi @mswengel,

It’s confirmed by Alex, our core developer that we have no plans to add that behavior.

The proper use of Content CSS also is to apply custom styles to a specific page. It wasn’t meant to be used for creating templates.

The proper template system is the Template Manager especially using the Element CSS to style elements in templates you create and reuse.

Thank you for understanding.

Are we allowed to share links to WordPress plugins here? @mswengel, there’s a great plugin called Duplicate Post that lets you easily make copies of a page or post in WordPress. (Even though the name just mentions Post, you can also duplicate pages as well.)

You could set up a page with all the styling you need and name it something like “Page Template,” then just duplicate it to make new pages with the same settings/styles.

Thanks for sharing. It’s OK to suggest a plugin that does not compete with our products.

I believe a colleague of mine suggested the same or similar plugin in @mswengel previous thread too.

Hey, if you want to cripple your own product, that’s your choice. I feel this is a betrayal of your customers, and I will no longer be recommending any Themeco product to my clients or customers.

Yep. Unfortunately it doesn’t do what OptimizePress can do - and what X used to be able to do.

Saving a page as a template (not just the content blocks) should not be difficult for you to re-implement. If you have no plans to do so, your system is worthless to me as someone who works across multiple domains.

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And honestly, I’m not asking for much here. The simple ability to save the content template is SO basic, guys.

I shouldn’t have to turn off the container and header and footer every single time. Just save it with the template. That’s what we used to be able to do.

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Thanks for your feedback, @mswengel.

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