Save a PAGE as a template?

Hey all,

I need to be able to save a whole page as a template - NOT just blocks.

This should include page settings - not just content blocks. How can this be done?


Hi There @mswengel

Thanks for writing in! When you're saving templates in Cornerstone, you will get an option to save it as a block or page. Please refer to the following quick walkthrough here (

Or else, you can also check the detailed walkthrough here (

Hope that helps.

Your interface looks unlike mine. I'm using Pro.

I can select blocks to save as part of a template but I don't see a way to save the entire page.

Putting this in another post because I'm a "new user" and can't have more than one per post. (eye roll)

Any thoughts?

Hi There @mswengel

My apologies, as I have referenced to an old video. But it's the same section that has been improved with recent X/Pro updates. You can use the Save Templates section to save your page templates. And then you can create another test page and load your templates there.

If you want to download your saved templates, you need to head over to Template Manager.

From there you can download your templates.

Please check the following detailed instructions on our knowledge base section (


That only saves the content blocks. It does not save the page as a template unless I'm missing something.

Hey, @mldarshana. Any other thoughts?

Hi @mswengel,

The template functionality is only for the sections and elements and not the page related settings such as the CSS and Page Template. For those settings, you need to clone the page outside of the Pro Page Builder.

I suggest that you install the plugin below and use the clone functionality of that plugin to achieve the result you want:

Thank you.

@christopher.amirian, Why was this functionality removed? I used to be able to save a page as a template.

I didn't ask to be able to clone a page. I asked to be able to save it as a template. That is not the same.

To be honest, this is functionality I have in tools like OptimizePress. Perhaps I should move my sites to that platform entirely if you're going to be killing off such a major feature.

Hello @mswengel,

Thanks for updating in! Please understand that we haven't remove any feature. When saving a page as a block or page template in the previous version and in this new version, only the sections and elements will be saved. All the page settings, metaboxes settings related to the page will not be included. Only the sections and the elements that you have been editing in Cornerstone preview area will be saved.

The only thing that has changed in the new version is that it no longer ask you to save it as a block or page template. You will be given the choice to select which of the section is included and unselect the section that you do not want to save. Another thing is that in the new version, when you insert a template, it will be inserted on the page as a block and do not overwrite the sections that is already on the page which has given issues to other users in the old version.

Please check out the updated knowledge base article regarding how to work with layouts:

Hope this helps.

@RueNel Yes, you have apparently removed the feature.

Previously I could save an entire page as a template. Now only my blocks are saved.

So yes, that is a major regression.

I've been using the X theme on several sites for quite a while. I'm very familiar with it and how to use it. This is a feature I used a LOT. Now... you've decided it isn't necessary I guess.

OptimizePress has this feature, and it works great.

Hello @mswengel,

We are sorry if you have see it that way. In the latest release of the X and Pro theme, we did not remove it. We only merged the block and page template into one as just a content template. Once you save it, it will be saved and loaded in the templates manager.

Thanks for understanding.

Previously I could save a page including CSS and everything as a template. I was told above that is not possible. So is it possible or not?

If not, it was removed. This isn't about how I "see it."

Hello @mswengel,

It is best that I will forward your thread from one of our developers. He is the best person that could answer and explain what happened to the templates in the theme.


Will you be bringing this functionality back?

Hey @mswengel,

Your thread has been forwarded to one of our developers. I will also add your thread to our issue tracker so that the developers will be made aware of your feedback.

Thank you for understanding.

Thank you. I'm hopeful you will bring this feature back. Otherwise I will be moving my clients away from the X theme and back to OptimizePress. They have added quite a few nice features.


You're welcome.

Do we have any update on this, team?