Row or section size and aligning

Hello there,

I have created a column and I put an image here. How could I position to this middle or left or right? How set the section or image size by cornestone? One more thing, I have created a column and a content are to this beacuse I pasted a form html code there. How could I position to this in the middle or any side?
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Hi Gabor,

Thank you for writing in, to center a content on a Column, please inspect the column where the image is placed and then set the text-align option of that column to center. This will work with images,text, and custom HTML.

Images element has a width option, but I advise that you leave this as auto for a responsive reason.

Section width cannot be set though, because that is responsive, meaning it will respond to the screen width, you can apply a max-width CSS property though, so you can limit its width not to extend with the define width.

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Hello There,

when I paste a html code for forms, I cant set the position unfortunately. I tried the section, row and column aligning also. How need to paste the html code? Im not sure if its the good way what a do. I make a section and row (single) and after put a content area where I paste the html code. After there the fomr will be in the left side without any settings.
The other question is, where I can set the width of the raw? The other themes allow it and I missed a lot. This is important when I set a border mainly and there are big gaps in the two sides.

An my last question is, the css editor. How to use it? If I put someone this will be set only this section what I edit or its a global normally. If the global how set the css for the each elements what I would like to set?

Many thanks for your support.


Hello Gabor,

Please check this video screencast where I believe I’ve answered to your three questions:

Also, here you are the docs links related to these questions:


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