Root font for higher breakpoint

Hi there,

I am really hoping you can help me.

Is it possible to add an additional larger root font size for a higher breakpoint using global CSS?

I want to make the font bigger for these @media breakpoints

1920px - styles apply to screens 1920px wide and above
1440px - styles apply to screens 1440px wide and above

Many thanks for your time and response.


Hello Niall,

Thanks for posting in! The Extra Large screen settings for the Root Font size is using this CSS in the theme’s stack stle.css:

@media (min-width:1200px){

You can modify the code above and have it modified for your own needs. You can then add the modified CSS code into X (or Pro) > Theme Options > CSS.

Best Regards.

Thanks very much that worked perfectly!

You’re very welcome, Niall!