Right column to go below left on mobile


I have a section > row and in the row i have 2 columns. I have a video in the left column and text in the right column. Basically when on mobile the columns are still side by side. Can i make the right column go below the left on a mobile. I have attached a screenshot with the mobile view on the left and the desktop view on the right. Like i say i want the contents of the right column to go under the video so that the video and the text are then full width on a mobile. I hope this makes sense.


Apologies, i think i have found it. I selected the row containing the columns and then clicked on the mobile views under layout and set it to 1. Its now wrapping below like i wanted. Thanks anyway guys :slight_smile: You can close this one off.

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Hello Chris,

Thanks for writing in! We are just glad that you have figured it out a way to correct the said issue.
We really appreciate for letting us know!

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