Revolution Slider taking long time to load

Hello We are using a video background with Rev slider is taking a REALLY long time to load, over 2 minutes is there anyway to fix this?

Hi Adwin,

Thank you for writing in, I don’t see the Youtube video taking time loading on your site, I’m seeing a CORS policy issue with your custom font instead.

Please resolve that instead.

3 Ways to Fix the CORS Error — and How the Access-Control-Allow-Origin Header Works


Hello we have fixed the font issue now, but it looks like the site is still taking a really long time to load

Do you mind taking another peek? Thanks!

Hi Adwin,

Did you put a Vimeo video somewhere? I’m seeing this error before the Youtube video load. Can you recall where is that Vimeo video and remove it?

And please do a Testing for Plugin Conflict.


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