Revolution Slider not available from cornerstone

Hi. I believe Revolution Slider comes bundled with X, and that it has built in options for displaying above or below the masthead?

When I search for slider in Cornerstone, only the classic slider is showing up, which does not have the masthead positioning options. See screenshot.

I was using a child theme to begin with (as I need to customise the navbar a little) but I have switched back to the parent theme to rule that out. The only plugins I have installed are Cornerstone and Akismet, both up to date.

I’m using ‘Blank - no container | Header, Footer’ as the template from the Wordpress edit page, as when I used ‘Blank - no container, no header or footer’ the navbar disappeared. Let me know if you need login details/link etc.

Hi There @doughballs

Thanks for writing in! I have checked the site URL assigned to this Themeco account (see secure note) and I see that you’re using an older version of X theme (v4.6.0) and Cornerstone plugin (v1.3.0). The latest version of X theme is v6.1.6 and the cornerstone plugin v3.1.6 which you can download it from your Envato account.

Since you’re using an older versions, I suggest you to take a full backup of your current site and then update it to the latest versions by following our update guide here. You can also check the latest X compatible version details from the following link.

Let us know how it goes.

Hi @mldarshana. Thanks for your reply. Firstly, I built that site using X a few years ago, the private link you sent me is for a development version of the site hosted on my own domain. It is now obsolete.

I’m now building another site, development just started at the secure link I sent you.

I haven’t used Wordpress in the interim so just getting to grips with it again. I realised (by accident!) after watching hours of Cornerstone tutorials this morning that I have to install revolution slider from the Wordpress dashboard first, which I hadn’t previously done, and I’m assuming this is why the slider wasn’t showing up. My bad!

However…having just watched some vids on X Pro, specifically on the topic of custom header building, it looks like Pro is exactly what I need for this project so I’m going to upgrade right now.

Hello There,

We are happy to know that you have figured out why it is not showing. No worries it happens some of the time when you miss something and looks for that. Well anyway, If you need anything else we can help you with, don’t hesitate to open another thread.

Best Regards.

I’ve built a working version of the navigation/header element in html, css and js, and I need advice on how best to replicate it in X Pro. Could you take a look at the link and give me your thoughts? Some extra info that may help, and my initial thoughts:

  1. The red banner that is just below the traditional navbar - this should be visible on all pages but will be hidden on smaller devices. This is a 6 column div that collapses to 4 and then 3 on smaller devices.

  2. The background image should be a slider on the home page (4-5 images), but a single image on all other pages.

It seems that my options are to have a huge header section, similar to the hero template, but I’m struggling to replicate the red banner. It would need to sit just under the nav bar, but over the ‘bar’ that contains the image. Then I have issue of maybe using custom css or js to initiate my own slider…

Second option is to create a smaller nav bar, then have the revolution slider as a separate section underneath. It would need to display under the navbar though - would I need to grab it and set a negative margin equal to the height of the navbar?

My main headache is how best to replicate the intricate collapsible columns of the red banner, and have it display just under the nav bar, but over the main top section image. I’m sure there are numerous ways to go about it but I don’t want to waste too much time when there could be a sensible solution within the theme.

Any help or advice appreciated!

Hello There,

Have you check out uberMenu plugin? You can install this in X > Validation > Extensions. You should be able to create a multi column sub menus with this plugin. You can also add background images and colors using this plugin. The custom header would be in charge with the hero template like and the ubermenu could help your with the multi column collapsing in smaller screens. You can check out this documentation about UberMenu here:

Hope this helps.

Hey there!

Well for some reason I am unable to enable slider revolution on the page I want to. Its been a while I used X for development, before in page settings a section helped me enable it. Now in order to enable it I have to add the ID in the text section but as I edit the page in cornerstone, obviously it overwrites the changes causing me trouble.

Help me!


I am not exactly sure what you mean by unable to enable slider revolution on the page.

There are three ways to add revslider to your page.

  1. Using a revslider element.

  1. Using revslider shortcode in text element

  1. Through Slider Settings

Kindly check and make sure you have the following versions installed.


Hey. I’m having problems getting the slider to work. In the WP dashboard under the slider revolution tab, it says it isn’t activated (even though in the plugin section, it is activated), but yet on the update button next to it, says it should be updated automatically from within the the theme.

Please note I originally bought X, but chose the free upgrade to PRO a few days ago.

Do I also need to somehow amend the max upload and max post size limits?

I have to say this is far from intuitive so far…

Hi @doughballs,

Thanks for writing in.

Revolution slider is one of the bundled plugins with X and Pro and you should be able to use its main features just like the other bundled plugins.

However, you also have the option to use a standalone license from Revolution Slider where you will be able to access additional options such as its live updates (meaning, when the the Rev Slider team will release an update, you will get to update your installation without waiting for X or Pro to release an update for it). But please note that this is not ideal because it would be best to wait for us to be able to complete the testing on our end so that we could guarantee that the new updates will be fully supported with X and Pro. Other options you can use for a standalone Rev Slider license are ticket support directly to the rev slider team, and being able to import the premium sliders.

I would like to reiterate that it is not necessary to activate Rev Slider because you will still be able to use it as it comes bundled with X and Pro.

Hope this explains it.

Hey there,
I tried the number option mentioned by @paul.r, it worked fine, but I am unable to get a menu after the slider that I want. that is why I tried the third mentioned method, which with logic I deleted the classic revolution slider from cornerstone, on saving and refreshing my page, the slider doesnt show! What can be done about it?

Hi There,

Upon checking your above screenshot, it seems that your current memory limit is set to 256M which should be a possible cause. Could you please try increasing your PHP memory limit by following our guide here ( and see if that helps.

If you’re still having issues, provide us with your WordPress credentials in a secure note to check your issue further.


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