Revolution Slider layers keep re-hiding

Hi. We are using Rev Slider and for some reason, our global layers keep being hidden, and we constantly have to click the eye to make them visible so we can view and edit them. Is there a way to keep them always visible instead of always hidden? I couldn’t seem to find any setting that’s causing this.

Thank you!!

Hello @jquinn33,

Thanks for writing to us.

I tried to access your site but the given login details are not working, please recheck and send us again. I would suggest you please have a look at the doc to learn more about how the set visibility of the global layer of revolution slider.


Hi! I’m sorry! I’ve updated the secure note. I missed a colon! :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Slider Revolution for many years, and understand about hiding/unhiding the layers but for some reason, the layers don’t stay unhidden. I also tried unlocking all and unhiding all, but as soon as I click a layer in the timeline area, other layers are rehidden and I have to individually click those layers unhide buttons again.

Any help is sure appreciated!

Hi @jquinn33,

I have checked your website and the Slider Revolution, but unfortunately, didn’t recognize the problem you are describing here. I would request you please provide any screenshot marked with the issue or any video that helps us to recognize the problem.


Thank you. I appreciate your checking! I’m including a link to a video to demonstrate what’s happening. I use RS on over 20 different sites and don’t seem to have this issue. The slider works great, but it’s just an annoyance to have to continue clicking to show my layers. I’ve tried working on both Chrome and Firefox on PC and Mac and the behavior is the same. My biggest concern was that there might be something more serious going on with the slider. I’m almost done designing it so if there is no obvious solution no worries! :slight_smile: Thank you again!

Hey @jquinn33,

I have replicated what you described in my site and the solution is to choose “Set All Visible” then save the slider. It is important to choose that then save the slider because if you don’t, that setting won’t stay that way the next time you edit the slider.


If you already did that and the problem persists, there could be some other factors affecting the slider. In this case, please try the solutions in our troubleshooting article here

Hope that helps.

Thank you, Christian! We had tried saving after setting all to visible and when the slider was closed and reopened it did show everything visible, but once we clicked on a layer, it reverted back to hiding several other layers. I will take a look at the solutions on the link you sent and report back if I discover the problem!

Thank you again for your help!!

Hey @jquinn33,

We’re glad that my colleague was able to help with your issue! If you have any other concerns or clarifications regarding our theme features, feel free to open up a new thread.

Thank you.

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