Revolution slider is showing as unregistered

Hello, I see that my revolution slide is showing as unregistered although I bought a separate licences of the X theme for the subdomain.


Hi @fkuehnrich,

Thanks for writing in! Since the Revolution Slider you have is bundled with the X, you don’t need to validate it. The plugin functions 100% without license registration. Though some plugin may require a separate license from the author for Premium features or Add-ons.

We provide the updates for these extensions rather than from the plugin developers’ automatic updater.

We always try and upgrade as soon as possible when a new plugin release is made to ensure our customers are using the latest version. This isn’t always possible for example if we submit an update to Envato and our update is in review while a new plugin version comes out, that version would have to wait for our next update.

If a plugin includes any major fixes, for example, a security issue, or a plugin breaking bug that prevents all functionality we update right away.

If a plugin update just includes minor bug fixes or improvements, then generally we wait to bundle that version until our planned update is ready to come out.

Hope this shed some light.

Thanks for the answer but that was not my question. What I was saying is that the rev. slider is showing up as unregistered in the subdomain when I open it although it is bundled with X-theme that I bought for the sub-domain.

Again I have two licenses for x-theme…rev.slider works fine on the top domain but appears unregistered (with limited functionality in the subdomain also running the x-theme on the second license.


Hey @fkuehnrich,

I checked your licenses page and I do see 2 licenses but no sub-domain was assigned to any of them (see secure note). That’s not important for this problem though but just making it clear.

Anyway, let us divide the problems to avoid confusion.

###Problem 1

I’ll rephrase what Friech mentioned previously. It is normal for Slider Revolution or any other plugin to be “unregistered” if they are bundled in a theme. Take a look at the screenshot below. Is that the problem you’re describing? You will really see that whether you have our theme validated or not (like when you revoke the theme license).

If you see Slider Revolution as registered in one of your sites, one of your site admins might have purchased a standalone Slider Revolution license and registered your site. That is the only way any of the bundled plugins to be registered. You buy a separate standalone license.

###Problem 2

The unregistered part is covered above. Would you mind giving more information on what functions are limited? Right now, I think you’re referring to the Premium Features.

If that is the case, it already has been answered by Friech previously:

If I’m mistaken, please give us more information, screenshots and access to your websites so that we could clearly see the issue. Post them in a Secure Note


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