Revoking a site that doesn't exist anymore / staging site


I’d like to confirm that revoking is simply editing the site name next to the license. there is no revoke button inside of your account, so forgive me if i’m being foolish. I can’t revoke the license from the previous site because it was for staging. the theme didn’t work correctly so I deleted it from go daddy staging. I know Evanto has a more straight forward method of revoking X without having to have access to the site itself. Can you doi the same in the user account similarly?

and correct me if i’m wrong but, please confirm that the revoking process using user account simply includes the following, pls see picture attached.

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To revoke a license from site is just to remove the URL. Unlock is something you want not to use the license any more so that the license can assign to other.

If you want to revoke the license just remove your URL from Sites table and also from the pro overview page.

Please check this article for more clarification!

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