Reverse Columns when stacking

Hi, in the past we had to hide/show sections/rows at breakpoints to achieve the ability to change how columns stacked. I was hoping that with the “Reverse” option now, this would work when there is one row and columns stacked.

Am i missing something? This doesnt seem to be working…below i dont want the images to stack on top of each other, i want to see the flow go “copy, image, copy, image”

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for reaching out!

The direction property is just working fine. Maybe you set the columns into one that’s why you think it is not working. Source order stays the same when it goes to one column. The reversing only works in the direction of the main axis. So if the direction is row , reversing only works on the main axis. Once it collapses to one column , that’s working on the cross axis.

It was properly explained on the link below with some examples.

Hope that helps.

aha! yes, i knew it was easier than i was making it out to be. Your videos are awesome…thanks!

You are most welcome Andrew.

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