Rev Slider Scroll to Bottom

Hi guys,

I have a full screen slider, I’ve added a scroll button (add Layer, Buttons) in rev slider. I’ve set the action to scroll to bottom of slider so that the user can see the introduction. Works great, but the speed it scrolls is way to fast it’s like instant on click. Is there a way to get a smoother scroll? Cant figure it out.


Hi There,

Would you mind to provide your URL so we can take a closer look? It supposes to scroll down not jump.

Changing this speed is not something the theme offers out of the box, it would involve custom development, but we would like to check since you re describing it is too fast.



See the mouse scroller on the homepage full screen slider:

It should be more of a gentle scroll I would have thought? Seems so quick

Let me know.


Hello There,

Thanks for updating in! Instead of using the layer button in the slide, please remove it and use the scroll to content option in the Slider Settings. To know more about how the slider and scroll to content be set up, please review this knowledge base:

Please let us know how it goes.

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