Resource for Seeing Cornerstone Layouts in Other Demos

I am building my site, and have chosen a specific demo theme, but would like to see how some elements have been created in some of the other demos, so I can recreated a similar version in mine.
Is there a resource available that shows the cornerstone layouts and configurations in other demo themes, besides my current loaded demo?



Regretfully we don’t have a resource that specifically explains or list configuration for each demo.
Though demos the are made with different stacks and elements. You can check each stack feature and options below.

Ethos -
Integrity -
Renew -
Icon -

For elements, you can check our knowledgebase

Another way, if you have test site, you can load each demo and save it as template. That way you will be able to see the exact demo page from the backend.


Ok, thank you for the information. If I load the staging plugin that was referenced on another thread, I can then save the pages from that “staged” layout and then it will show up in the saved templates on my primary cornerstone options? Is this correct?

Hello Kismet,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

On a staging server, you can save the page as a template and then you can export/import the same to current website to mimic the layout.


Great. Thanks for your help!

You’re most welcome!

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