Request to Activate our Option title level

Dear apex support ,

We’ve not a good looking of our page since we’ve lost the title level option h1 to h6 showing .
We want you to activate it in our actual version .

Can you please contact us to know which website we would review and reactivate the option ?

We need it asap !!
contact us directly from our personal mail :

have a nice day !

Hi There,

The V2 Headline element, you can choose the level option of the headline:

The classic custom headline, you can choose the HEADING LEVEL as well:

Please make sure you enable the Advance Mode under X > Settings > User Preferences:


dear sir , we do not have settings under X .
How to do it ?

We need esponse asap !


It should look like this, try to click on X menu.

Can you confirm that you are fully updated? (Theme and Plugins)

The latest version as of the moment are

X 6.3.8, Cornerstone 3.3.8

If you find anything to be out of date, you can review our update guide.

If that doesn’t help please provide us wordpress admin login in Secure Note


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I checked and there are two X theme and the one that is activated is the old version.

I went ahead and activated the latest one and the Settings menu is now showing up.

Kindly check in your end.


Hi ! thanks guys ! another question : since we’ve update theme X , we’ve lost speed on mobile on our site , how to deal with it ?


Kindly refer to the link below.

Hope that helps.

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