Request refund

Hi, I will like to request a refund. I felt the theme is really not easy to use. Please advise if that is possible.


Hi Sunny,

We are sorry that you felt that way. I see that you purchased the theme on April 10th and it has been a month, I wonder why now you ask for the refund while you have a month to test and find out that the theme is hard to learn for you?

I also, want to mention that we are here to help you if you have problems using the theme, we will do our best to help you get started. Meanwhile, I suggest that you check our Knowledge Base overview page which had valuable information regarding the theme usage.

If needed we will ask our leadership team to contact you if you insist on a refund.

Thank you.

I was overseas for 2 weeks. didnt get the time to test it fully till now. Its quite complicating to use. i still have to take so many steps after installing the demo. Furthermore, after the demo is installed, fonts and sizes is nothing like the demo. If i have to manually do everything then it really defeat the purpose for the demo installation right?

So instead of wasting any more time. I thought i will just switch to something else. Dont get me wrong I am not saying the theme is not good. But its really too complicated for a simple guy like me. too many plugins too. I took this theme for the ethos demo design but there are too many things to set before i can get it to work exactly the same as the demo.

Please get your team to contact me with regards to the refund.

Thanks you.

Hi Sunny,

I can certainly appreciate that there’s a learning curve.

Envato/ThemeForest handle all requests related to X since we sell it through their marketplace, and you can learn more about the process here:

Thanks for trying X, and have a great day!

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