Request for Enhanced WPML Compatibility in Pro Theme and Cornerstone

Dear Team,

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude for your outstanding work on the Pro theme and Cornerstone page builder. These products have proven to be invaluable tools in creating dynamic and visually stunning websites.

Today, I am reaching out to discuss a critical area where I believe there is room for improvement. WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin) is an essential tool for building multilingual websites, allowing users to cater to diverse audiences and provide localized content. While your products currently offer basic integration with WPML, there are several important features that are not fully compatible. This limitation hampers our ability to leverage the complete set of WPML functionalities, especially when it comes to automatic translations.

Over the past year, we have received numerous requests from our clients to incorporate automatic translation capabilities using services like DeepL or Google Translate. WPML natively supports these services, making it possible to generate initial translations that can then be refined by professional translators. Regrettably, due to the current limitations in the Pro theme and Cornerstone page builder, we are unable to deliver this highly sought-after feature to our clients.

Presently, the only method available to us is to create a copy of the original language, which essentially acts as a snapshot. Consequently, when changes are made to the original language, the translation is not marked for review. There is no link between the two strings/languages. This significantly impedes the efficient management of translations and diminishes the effectiveness of our multilingual websites.

Recognizing the growing demand for multilingual functionality and streamlined translation processes, I firmly believe that investing in enhancing WPML compatibility within your products would yield substantial benefits for both and its users. By enabling automatic translation capabilities and establishing a seamless connection between the original language and its translations, you would greatly enhance the value proposition of the Pro theme and Cornerstone page builder.

As an users of your products, we have experienced firsthand the limitations imposed by the lack of WPML compatibility when it comes to automatic translations. By addressing this issue, you would not only fulfill the needs of your existing user base but also attract new customers who prioritize efficient multilingual content creation.

I kindly request that you prioritize and allocate resources to make the Pro theme and Cornerstone page builder fully compatible with WPML’s automatic translation features and the translation editor. This enhancement would bridge the gap between your exceptional products and the powerful capabilities of WPML, offering users an integrated and seamless experience.

Thank you for considering our feature request. Your commitment to listening to user feedback and continuously improving your products is truly commendable. Should you require any further information or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.


Couldn’t agree more. The current implementation lacks the consistency I’m used to from using PRO.


I agree with everything said. The current implementation isn’t the ideal of what I want to give you guys either. WPML comes up a bunch, usually for bugs, but since it does we know it’s important to you guys. We plan on doing a poll in 6.3 around where you want us to focus on, and I was planning on adding localization to the choices of that question. Regardless of the response there though, we will continue to improve our implementation. I’d love to start with getting auto-translate to work better then it ever has in Cornerstone and display more WPML data so we can tell when a page is a duplicate and other things exclusive to WPML. If there is anything else you feel is missing from WPML always feel free to drop us a line.

Some other thoughts. Some of the auto translate stuff is actively turned off when you save in Cornerstone due to the issue we’ve been having with page saves overwriting it’s translation. Assuming WPML is good to go on their end for Pro6 that should just start working when I stop disabling it which can also be done through the following filter.

add_filter('cs_wpml_enable_page_builder_integration', '__return_true');

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thank you for your response and for considering our feature request. We greatly appreciate your intention to improve WPML compatibility.

Regarding the filter you provided add_filter('cs_wpml_enable_page_builder_integration', '__return_true');, we attempted to use it to enable automatic translation for certain sections that didn’t come through yet on a page we already sent for automatic translation… However, it appears that the filter did not have the desired effect. After making small text changes, the missing sections did not come through for translation. I tried saving the page in the WordPress dashboard and in Cornerstone.

We look forward to the future improvements you mentioned!

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It’s possible their changes aren’t live till v4.7. Having looked into this a bit more. There is a limited set of “nodes” that can be translated from our elements too, and none of our new elements. I have an idea to make this dynamic between WPML and us, and to hopefully have a system where new elements work right away. Will be getting some notes and thoughts for them in the coming weeks.

We are glad to hear that you have an idea to make the integration dynamic between WPML and Cornerstone, which would allow new elements to work right away. We look forward to learning more about your proposed solution in the coming weeks.

In light of this, we would like to inquire if there are any updates regarding this issue and the expected release date for v4.7. It would be helpful for us to have an estimated timeline to better understand when these improvements may become available.