Renew 2 menu doesn't work when i scroll down to different section


I am using renew 2 theme for my website( Right now I am using one page setup. Everything is fine and working like I expected except my menu didn’t hightlight and underline correct tittle when I scroll to different section within the page. I tried and looked thought the whole KB article ( but didn’t help my issue.

Hi There,

There’s a JS error from the console:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

Please remove the text hello word from your global JS. That is considered syntax error. Check again after that.

I removed but still not working.

You’re using full URL.

Please use fragment identifier only like #Video. This will work in your home page only though. That is because the One Page Navigation feature is for one page or landing page setup only. It was not designed to be used site-wide. With that said, you should setup a side-wide menu as your Primary menu and use your One Page menu for your home page only.


Nice, it’s working now. Thanks!

You are most welcome!

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