Rendering workflowy links inside x

I wish to make a page that displays 4 workflowy links inside their own compartment, in a 4 x 4 grid.
I want something like the old HTML frames where each section gets it’s own scroll elements.
Here is a sample link

can this be done?

Hi @flashfog,

Thank you for writing in, sorry I’m not certain of what you’re trying to do, but you can create a 4 x 4 grid using the Row/Column or Grid/Cell structure. Then use the Accordion element to have that collapsing content. If this is not what you’re trying to achieve, please clarify.


Sorry to not be more specific.

When you click on the link I provided, a website is displayed with structured data. I want to display 4 such links inside the same CS page to show 4 different pieces of structured data, side by side on the same page. To do so I would need to render the 4 separate links’ HTML, each inside a cell of a 2 x 2 grid.

Basically I want to display 4 websites, displayed side by side, each with scroll arrows, scroll bar, etc. This is the same affect as the old frames did.

I did a little experiment using the raw content element but the link is displayed as text, instead of the HTML being executed inside the element as I was hoping.

Please let me know if this explanation is enough.


Hi @flashfog,

Not sure what exactly you want to achieve. If you want to show 4 different websites in 4 different Cells, please use the iframe inside the Raw Content. Please check the article on how you can use the iframe:

If that is not what you want, please provide any examples to understand it.


Yes, this is it. thank you!

You are most welcome @flashfog

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