Removing extra space below or on top of Custom Headline

I have a section that only has one element - Custom Headline. I checked the section, row, column but couldn’t detect any margin or padding on top and below the headline. How do I reduce the gap? It seems like a built-in border around the Headline.

I am not a techie although I tried to go to Inspect Element in my Safari. How do I look for the mysterious space?

By the way I notice a z-index under Design Set up for that section. What is it?

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! The custom headlines has their own default top and bottom margins. If you want to reduce this margins, you will have to apply mtn or mbn class. To know more about the element spacing and the utility classes, please check this out:,

Hope this helps.

I got some basic understanding about the “classes”. As for the inspecting of elements, I’ll need to learn how to decipher the techie stuff there. (I use Safari as I don’t have Chrome).

For my education, help me understand: when I insert e.g. “man”, “pan” into the Class box in Cornerstone, do I need to insert a comma after each of them? Also should I do it in the column, row or section or the specified Element, or all?

Also in my last para of my last post, what is z-index?

Hi There,

It will work for all elements, you don’t have to insert the comma. Just use like this: man pan mtn.

Please take a look at this article:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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