Removing #anchor links theme co pro hosted outage Sep 21 2021

Hi our pro hosted site is completely down, IP not available Sep 21 2021, what is proper number or line for support? Thank you!! IP is

Hi @sakshiweb,

Thanks for reaching out!

Our development team are currently working about the issue for Pro hosted. Please bear with us while they are still investigating about the issue.

Thank you.

Hi this is a major issue for us, please ping me ASAP once the situation changes, or if there is something we can do to help. We just upgraded to unlimited plan. My whatsapp is +17815041119

If this is due to CPU limiters on the VM, please check and remove them, let us know best way to resolve thank you.

hi @marc_a, it’s been a few hours. can we please get an update? please reach out directly,

@marc_a, appears to be back up thank you. we have a live promotion running now, please do not disrupt the server, please contact us further for any changes thank you!

@marc_a , can you please update us with a situation report of the failure? what was the root cause? the remedy? and likelihood it may happen again? you can send to us at . thank you!

Hi @sakshiweb,

Glad to know that you are able to run your live promotions now. There might be something different reason behind that issue, I would suggest you contact us if you find it further.


hi @tristup, can we get further information please about the root cause and remedy for this issue? we need to be confident this wont happen again or we’ll be forced to explore other options. we’ve sent emails as well to contact . please get back to us soon. thank you

Hey There, I’ve responded to your email. If you have any other questions feel free to respond to my mail. All the best!

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