Remove white space above and below header background lower layer


I need help with removing white space above and bellow my header background, please take a look.

I already checked the forum and this topic and I cannot find where to change everything. There is no option to change this settings for “bar“ within header builder.

Thank you,

Hey there,

Thanks for writing in! To remove the above and below space just change your Background Lower Layer’s Size from contain to cover (see screenshot)

Hope this helps!

Thank you for answer.

I tried cover, but it is not ok, it enlarges the image too much, the text is no longer visible and it falls out of the page.

I would like that the image is full width according to the size of the screen. It has to look like when it is contain, just without the white space above and below.


Hi There @harmoniqa

It’s because your Bar residing the background image has a height of 100vh. Try reducing it, and that should resolve your issue.

Hope that helps.


thanks for reply, unfortunately it does not help, it just makes the image smaller and not full width.
Any other solutions? Please!


Hi There,

In this case, I recommend you to remove the text from your background image and use the text element instead:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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