Remove spacing on single portfolio page

hi there,

how can i remove the top spacing on the individual/single portfolio item pages?

i tried adding this CSS:
.x-header-landmark {display: none;}

but it removes the page titles on all other pages.


thank you.

Hi @martian7,

Thanks for writing in.

If you want to remove the space on this page or other individual pages,

First, identify the post id.

Then use the class id to remove the space. For example, to that post.

.postid-154 .x-header-landmark {display: none;}

Hope it helps.

Let us know how it goes.


thanks for showing me how to find the post id, i was wondering!

so this css code works on 1 single portfolio item, how can i have all portfolio items included?

i removed the spacing, just added thus css instead:

.single-x-portfolio .entry-header {    margin-top: 0%;}
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Thanks for sharing your solution.

Glad to hear it’s sorted.


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