Remove overlay & icon on hover from recent posts thumb


I would like to remove the overlay & page icon that appears when I hover on a recent posts thumbnail. Can you provide the code for this?

Hi Nhedmark,

Thank you for reaching out, is this the link of your website I tried to access that page but I am not able to access it, maybe you could provide the the right URL of your website to help you further about your issue.

Thank you.

Yes, that’s the link. It should be working now:

Hi Nhedmark,

To remove the layover color and the icon, please go to X/Pro > Theme Options then CSS.

Then copy this CSS code:

.x-recent-posts .format-standard .x-recent-posts-img:before {
	content: "";
.x-recent-posts .x-recent-posts-img:after {
	background-color: transparent;

Note: If you see your page like the image below, just keep in mind that you need to add the featured image in order to fill the missing images on the white spaces.

"Please note that providing custom code is outside the scope of our theme support. Issues that will arise from the use of custom codes should be forwarded to a 3rd party developer."

Thank you.

Fantastic. Thank you so much!

Glad we could help.