Remove highlight in empty sub-menu items

Hi there, I have sub-menu items which are custom links with CSS class void-menu.

Some of them are highlighted when hovering and some are not. I would like all these items not to be highlighted as there is nothing to click.

How do I achieve this?

Hello @bakrona,

Thanks for writing in! What you have in mind can be accomplished by disabling the pointer-events CSS property of the menu item. I can see that you already added a custom class void-menu on the item. With this custom class, you can simply apply and set the pointer-events to none. For example;

.my-element-class > a {
   pointer-events: none;

Feel free to change the class to the one that you have and then you may add the CSS code into X > Theme Options > CSS .

Keep in mind that this is a customization. Any custom CSS should be managed and maintain by you whenever there are theme and plugin updates.

Kindly let us know if this works for you.

Thank you for that. I solved the issue

Glad to hear that, @bakrona.

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