Refund on purchase

How do i get a refund, please?

Thank you.

Anybody here that can answer my question?

Hi Robbie,

I’m sorry to hear you’d like a refund. Is there any particular reason? If you’re having any difficulty with the product, we have a detailed knowledge base that you can refer to here, plus we would be happy to answer any questions that help you to get up to speed with the product. Just let us know the issue and we’ll be happy to try and help!

Hi, sorry i thought it was deleted.

This was brought for me, by my wife… but she miss understood what i wanted.She though she would suprise me. but alas t she got the wrong end of the stick, it was a nice gesture but still of no use to me.

Sorry for the mix up. but i would still like a refund please.

Thank you.

Hi, Matt.

I wonder how we ar getting along with the refund?

Thank you.

Hi Robbie,

No problem, I understand. I’ve gone ahead and cancelled the license and refunded you.

Have a great day!

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