Recent posts by date

Hi. I want to add Recent posts element at the end of my posts on my blog. I need to set the offset by date, so it shows the 3 latest posts from the publish date of that particular post. This way all of my posts wont have the same 3 posts. I have been trying to set them by the pulish date but I have not been able to do this. Can anyone help me?

Hello @jimenagordillo,

Thanks for writing in! Since the Classic Recent Posts element can only display up to 4 items, you will have to use another classic recent posts element to display more. To prevent from displaying duplicate post items, you need to use the “Offset” field. For example, you wanted to display 6 post items on your page so you will have to use two classic recent post elements. In the second classic recent posts element, you will have to insert an offset of 3 so that the second classic recent posts element will no longer display the items listed on the first one.

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 4.16.24 AM

Hope this makes sense.

Hi Ruenel, I am using this kind of offset on my homepage - Based on the last post published. When I click on the drawing at the right side of offset a drop-up opens (i added the picture). There is an option where it says published time. Can I set this “Recent Posts” to an specific time? so that when I publish more posts this recent posts will continue to be static and don’t change what it is showing?

Hello @jimenagordillo,

The classic recent posts will display what is the recently added post that is published. It cannot display static post items. If you want to display a certain post for your homepage, here what you can do.
1.) Go to Posts > Categories and create a new category named “Featured”
2.) Go to Posts > All Posts and select what are the posts you’d like to display on your homepage.
3.) Assigned the posts to the “Featured” category.
4.) Edit your homepage and in your classic recent post element, add “featured” in the category field so that only those selected post items will be displayed.

We would love to know if this has worked for you. Thank you.