Re-assigning my product: domain name change

My domain is forwarded to, and I need to make sure that my x theme license is attached to that Portland domain and not the Los Angeles domain. My email address also needs to be updated to reflect the Portland location over Los Angeles. Can you please help?

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You can assign the domain attached to the license here:

Kindly provide us with the email that you want the account to be updated to in a Secure Note (the lock icon below your response.)

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I am not seeing an option in here to reattach a new domain. The only option is when I go to purchase a new license or register a new license and I can set up a new domain with the purchase fee. I also noticed that when I attempted to do just a portion of this process in hopes that simply a domain update would be made, it told me that my new domain was already registered. But when I check my x theme via WordPress on this new domain, it tells me that my x theme license is not valid for that domain.

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You will have to register the domain to the license first so that you could validate it.

Have you used the license to a domain and validate a theme using it? If so, please double check if you are logged in to the same account that you used to register the license in.

If you haven’t used the code before, you can simply click on register license and register the license key in there, Once it is registered, it should show up in the list of license on the same page with fields where you can place the domain name.

You can find more information about validating a domain here:

Hope this helps.

Yes I have been using it for & now I need it to be used for Tangram Portland instead. It don’t let me validate the license on Tangram Portland WordPress because it’s already in use at Los Angeles. What’s my next step??

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You can re-assign your license to your new domain (see the pencil icon)


Then login to and navigate to X > Overview and revoke the validation.


Only then you can validate the

You can change a Wordpress site email under Settings > General


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