Quote appearance different in Cornerstone and on actual site pages

See image attached. Please advise how I can fix this.

Hey Lucy,

That issue is usually due to HTML and CSS syntax errors. If you’re using custom HTML and/or CSS in that page, please ensure there are no syntax errors because our builder’s preview has a mechanism to temporarily fix errors so that the preview won’t break.

One way to find where the error is located is to first remove any custom CSS in the Content CSS. If the issue’s not resolved, the cause could be broken HTML. If this is the case, save your page as a template using the Template Manager.

Next, create a test page and load the saved template and remove all the sections except the section with issue. If it’s fixed, the broken HTML might be in one of the sections that were deleted.

It’s also possible that this is caused by incorrect optimization. If you’re using an optimization plugin like Autoptimize and W3 Total Cache, please clear their caches and disable them to check if they’re causing the issue. If not, just keep them disabled while the issue persists so they won’t stand in the way of our investigation.

If the issue still persists after doing the test, please provide the URL of your test page and give us your site’s WordPress Login URL, Username and Password in a Secure Note.

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###Secure Notes

It is very common to need to share sensitive information with our staff such as login or FTP information. In order to keep this private, be sure to use the Secure Note button that you will find at the bottom of each reply.



Thanks for your help. There’s no additional CSS on this page.

I did as suggested and removed the other section - this fixed the issue with the quote. What’s the best way to proceed to fix the issue? Do I need to rebuild the section I deleted from scratch?


Hi Lucy,

Yes, you may need to rebuild that specific section or content as it appears the content is broken. It appears okay within the builder since every preview are isolated and wrapped, hence not affected by other contents. While on live view, it just a normal page so any broken content could break its relative contents.


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