Purchased x pro not updated on my site

I purchased pro last year but it has not updated on my site also i cant access my footers as one of my social media links is not working I’m not technically very savvy which is why i purchased the x theme, but feel i need a degree to to able to use it can someone offer any help

Hello Annita,

I have checked your site and it seems that you are still using X on your site.

Please note that in order to have the automatic updates, you will have to validate your theme installation first. Though the validation will fail if you will try to validate your site now since X is still active on your site while you have a Pro license.

You may get the installable file for Pro here:


It is always recommended to have the child theme installed and active in case you will need to add some customization on your site. You can get a copy of the child theme here:


Once you have Pro and Pro child installed on the site, activate Pro child then you can now validate the site using the license key from your licenses page here:


You can read more about the validation here:

In case you need more information about conversion from X to Pro, you can read more about it here:

Hope this helps.

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