Purchased Pro Theme But It is NOT showing up in my Downloads in Envato

Hi, I purchased the Pro Theme on Sept. 5, 2018 and I have the receipt that was emailed to me along with the Themeco order number. When I goto the link that was supplied to me, it takes me to themeforest.net and onto a website that says envatomarket. When I click on downloads in the downloads section of my account, it tells me I haven’t bought anything yet. Why is my Pro purchase that I paid $79.00 not showing up in downloads? I am trying to install this in my wordpress.org website. Can you please fix this problem? My intention was to buy the X Pro Theme. That is what I purchased, right?

Hey Lisa,

Thanks for purchasing Pro. Would you mind giving us a screenshot of the link you’re referring to that lead you to ThemeForest? Pro is not available in ThemeForest. You can download it here in your Apex Dashboard (https://theme.co/apex/dashboard).

After you have downloaded Pro, please see the setup instructions in our Knowledge Base


Hi @christian_y ,

Here is a photo of my receipt. Did I purchase the X Pro theme, because that was what I wanted. I clicked the link you provided and I was able to find the pro download in there. What is the difference between envatomarket and apex? I am new to this and a little confused.

Thanks for your help.

I think what you wanted was X? Please note that X and Pro are separate products.

X is the basic and version but includes the demos you can see at https://theme.co/x/demos/

Pro has the Header and Footer builders which means you can achieve a custom layout and add elements for and to your header and footer. It also includes the Design Cloud.

Envato Market and Apex are also completely different sites. Envato Market is a marketplace not controlled by Themeco (us) while Apex is the portal provided us for a variety of purposes including product support.

With your current situation, I’d recommend that you continue with Pro and not X.


Hi @christian_y,

Thank you for getting back to me. I wanted Pro. My new boss said he uses the X Pro theme with the Cornerstone Builder. I was able to use your link and activate it, as well as the child theme for it. However, I am not seeing the Cornerstone builder that comes with the purchase. Cornerstone Builder is suppose to be included with the Pro purchase as well, is that correct? If so, how do I access Cornerstone? Right now Beaver Builder keeps popping up when I try to make a new page.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @lcatera,

Hope you’re well today.

I have responded to the separate ticket that you have posted.

Kindly refer to that ticket to avoid confusion.

Thank you.

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