Purchased pro hosted

Hi, I just purchased Pro hosted and would like my site transferred but have 2 issues:

  • I would like to be able to work on the site at theme.co before it goes live, while the current live site remains active.
  • I have 30GB of files on my current site which needs to be reduced to go to theme.co

Hey There,

The best solution for your requirement would be a local development environment and using our Pro Hosted for the live site. Once your local environment is completed you can push the site to the live site. 30GB would be too much storage for our offer so you are right you will need to reduce the size of your installation to be able to transfer to us. Most of the time old backups and big media files are the cause for this so checking your uploads folder would be a first good step to identify any big files. Let me know if you need anything else.

Helps for after I get the hosting setup but I dont even have login info yet.
It asks for the domain to setup hosting, should I be putting a development domain here instead of my live domain? If so will I be able to change it in the future?

Hey There,

Please recheck the section the login credentials should now be there.

To get started you need to point your domain’s DNS to your new site which is explained in detail here.

If you do not yet want to point the domain to your new hosting and just want to preview the site you can do this by following the steps outlined here.

If you have any questions, just hit reply and let us know!

Where is the login credentials?
Here is my dashboard…

Having a hard time with this hosting that i just paid for.
I can’t set anything up, I can’t actually talk to someone, it takes a day to hear back from support. How do I even get my money back if I don’t want to use hosting anymore?

ok, well I just put in a fake domain to get the process started. I am assuming I can change the domain later?

Hey There,

I’ve sent you an email a few hours ago. Please use that email chain for future communication so the whole conversation is collected in one place. As outlined in the email you need to enter you current or future domain of your site. No placeholder or staging site, but your real live website domain. Once that’s done we can setup the site for you and you’ll have access to the WordPress dashboard.

I got your email but it just says to use the forum. As I wrote in the last post I went ahead and put in a fake domain because I wasn’t sure how else to get the process started.

So you are saying I should’ve put in the domain of my website that is currently live on another host?

Hey There,

Our documentation section offers articles about hosting and how to use it. Till now there was no customer who had a problem with entering the URL of their existing or new website but we are always open for feedback and will look in how we can make it even easier to setup hosting. I’ve gave you my personal email which I reply to within minutes and told you on both channels to please reply to that email and not the other channels and you’ve replied to everything but my personal email.

I will go ahead and process the refund. Thank you for being a loyal customer and if there is anything else you’ll need please let us know at any time.

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