Purchased license via Themeforest, missing in My Licenses

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I was reviewing the licenses I have purchased, and I found that I am missing one from 2014. I had originally purchased it from themeforest. However, the site I am using the license for shows that it is still valid, and will update automatically. How can I have this available on the the apex “my licenses”’ page? I would like to update it to “pro”.



ps. Site in question is kabiria.co

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Add your license in your account and then you can upgrade this license to pro. Please see “Managing your licenses” section from this knowledge base article:

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I don’t think you understand my original posting. Feel free to read it again for clarity, or let me explain it again…

The license that I have owned for several years has now gone missing. It is not viewable via the “my licenses” apex page - it is not listed with the other licenses I own.

However, the license is still active. I have been able to auto update the site and all the extensions are available.

I would like to know how to restore this license on the “my licenses” apex page, so I can then enable the upgrade to pro.



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You will need to go to Themeforest website and find the purchase key there. Then add it like you would do as a brand new license in the Apex. Follow the steps below:

So you would add the purchase key of the Themeforest to the license section:

Thank you.

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