Product validation not working

I recently bought a license for a X theme website I did not build, . I did this because the website was buggy and is running on an older version. Now that I have the license I cannot validate the product (after going through the proper steps multiple times).

I’ve tried adding the code to the links - - with no progress. Unfortunately I do not own the hosting, so I would not go through with that step. At this point I just want to download the most up to date version.

Hi there,

Please kindly go to your dashboard page in Themeco website and you will see the download links to the latest versions of the theme. You can download the theme zip file from there.

Then you need to follow the manual update process to update your theme to the latest version.

After that you can try the validation using the article below:

If you have problems connecting to our servers you will need to follow the steps mentioned in the article below:

Thank you.