Product Validation fail

Hi there,

You were using a very old version of WordPress (3.4.1). I have tried to update your site, but it still throws errors.

Could you please download the latest version of WordPress and re-install it on your site and that should resolve your issues.

WordPress recommends PHP 7.2 or higher (, however we do recommend at least PHP 5.6.32 or later to avoid any incompatibility issues.

Let us know how it goes.

My webhost only supports wp 3.4.1 and php 5.5.17 - I checked X was compatible before I bought it - is it not then ?

Hang on - I just checked - it’s WP version 4.9.1 not 3 !!!

Hi There,

When you’re using older versions, it will arise many issues as you have missed updates which fixes most of the known issues.

You will see WP v4.9.1 now because I have tried to update, but it did not update properly. If you can try with a clean installation using the latest version of WordPress, that should work.


OK thanks are you sure it was 3.4.1 as according to the Web hosts website (easily. Co. UK) the state 4.9.1?! I will check with them tomorrow if it is 4 9 1 then x should be OK?

Cheers for your help


Oh IV just noticed a statement on their website that they cannot yet support v 4.9.1 assuming they don’t fix this in short term do I have any other option eg using a previous version of x?


Hello There,

If WordPress 4.9.1 will not work, you will have to work with an older version of WordPress. WP 4.x should work find with X. You will have to downgrade your WP installation. You can find the older WP version here:

Hope this helps.

Hi there, i just got told by easily that i can downgrade to Wordpress version 4.8.3 which functions correctly on their servers. Will i be ok weith that ?!

Many thanks

  • Charles

Hi there,

That should do fine. But please consider that WordPress itself informs that it supports PHP version 5.6+ and 7+.

Also, the PHP language providers also said php 5.5.17 is deprecated and not supported:

Our theme will not work correctly if you do not have the compatible PHP version. You may need to consider changing your hosting service provider as you will encounter multiple problems if you do not update the PHP to 5.6+ at least.

But we will try our best to work with you on your case to see if it will work. Kindly follow the validation process as mentioned here:

If you still have problems kindly consult with this troubleshooting document:

Thank you.

Hi there, thanks for your help - I was able to validate X and now it appears to be up and running. However, when I click on X > Launch I get a spinning circle - ie ‘loading’ I presume and it never goes away. I guessed this might be due to the PHOP version, but I am still waiting on an answer there as to when my webhost will move to the latest php. In the meantime, I am now on the following versions:
WordPress 4.8.4
PHP Version 5.5.17

Hi there,

Could you try it again? There was issue in your site’s wp-config.php and some config are placed after the require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-settings.php'); and it triggers warnings. I went ahead and fixed it, but I couldn’t confirm if cornerstone loading is fixed since your provided credentials are no longer valid.


Thanks - I checked X and the same problem ! - but I have reset my login so please fell free to try again - even though I turned on debug I didn’t see any debug info when I attempted to launch X

Hey There,

I have tried to log in and the credentials is not working.
I am using this this:

Could you please double check it so that we can test the theme validation in your site?


Oh I’m sorry, try this:

Hello There,

I was able to logged in and the site is working perfectly. Both of the X panel and Cornerstone is working already.

Please clear your browser cache and test again.

Hey what d’ya know ?! - IE won’t load it but Chrome does ! - I am planning to switch to Chrome anyway. I did try to wipe the browser cache, so i’ll have another go later with IE but in any case Chrome works fine - thanks so much for your help !

You’re most welcome! But yeah, IE is a bit of a headache as it’s unpredictable with many features missing compared to other modern browsers.

Out of interest which would you recommend chrome or Firefox?

I recommend chrome :slight_smile:

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