Product Thumbnail Not Cropping to Sqaure

I’m having trouble figuring out why the thumbnail on my latest product does not crop to a square, when all my previous product thumbnails did.

Here’s the example:

You can see the first product thumbnail (top left) is not cropped to a square, but all the other products are.

Please help.

Hello @coracle,

Thanks for writing in! I have inspected the page and it seems to me that you haven’t inserted a featured product image for this particular product.

You see that in the screenshot above, it is obvious in the code that it is using a placeholder image. Kindly edit your product and insert a featured image.

Please let us know how it goes.

Hi @ruenel, thanks for the reply.
Interesting that you cannot see the product thumbnail, because this is what I see (I’ve circled the thumbnail in question):

We have chosen a feature product image already.

Hello @coracle,

A necessary fix was made coming from this other thread:

Kindly check out the mentioned page now:

Best Regards.

Hi @ruenel,
Thanks for helping us to fix this, and linking to the issue
Much appreciated

Hi @coracle,

You are most welcome.

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