Process to build new pages - demos or not?

Hello! Please clarify the process I should use to build my simple site. I have watched the Cornerstone intro video and “had fun” with various demos, trying out how to edit sections and add blocks. I have read through various topics, but I am still unsure as to the best way to actually start.

Do I start with a demo and make changes to the pages in the demo? In this case, is there a way to copy a page and then change it? (I don’t see a way to copy it) If I want to start over, can I somehow get a copy of the original page?
Do I start by adding new pages from the WordPress dashboard and then build them in Cornerstone? In the Cornerstone Intro video the man had a blank page and started building his pages. But how did get a blank page? My new pages all have demo structure and settings.

So I am not sure how to proceed - do I use the demos as just that - to copy ideas from? Or to build pages from?

Thank you very much.

Hey @MilayoC,

The process depends on what you want to achieve. If you like to use all or parts of the demo, it is best that you just import a demo and edit. If no demo suits your design, it is best to start building from scratch. For both scenarios, you need to learn how to use Cornerstone. Please see our Knowledge Base for Cornerstone usage instructions.


Thank you! So I can go ahead and actually use the demo pages, changing them as I need. I didn’t want to start that only to find out later that it somehow was the wrong path. And to make a copy, I have figured out to just save the page as a template -in case I need to get back to the original demo page because I’ve messed mine up :grinning:
Thank you!

That is correct. We are also in a process of releasing the templating system even for each element. So you will be able to for example set the proper font stuff in one Text Element and save it as a template. Then later whenever you want to use the Text Element you can add one and then use the previously added template to change the font properties to what you want in a matter of one click.

By that functionality in place you will have both Element per Element capability of templating, also now you have the page per page template at hand which you already mentioned that you used.

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