Problem with Sliders in the new version

Hi, I’m having a problem with the new version of Cornerstone. When I make a slider at the end of its cycle it returns. It also does not meet the assigned speed.

I realised it is because of the new version, as I installed “People Slider” (included in the slider package you sell) on another wordpress with the old version of Cornerstone and it works perfectly. I tried just installing the old version on my site, but when I did that the site breaks.

What can I do to fix it?

I leave the details of my site below.
It is the slider in the second section.

Hi @Ignacio,

Thanks for reaching out.
I have checked the page and found the People Slider, which is working fine. Can you please make a screen capture video to understand what exact problem you are having with it?


Hello and thank you for replying, what happens is that to understand what the error is you have to wait a few seconds for the cycle to finish. In this video you can see what the errors are. Above is the website with the error and below is a website with exactly the same carousel (same slider package configuration), but it is displayed correctly.

At 0:35 you can see how they are returned and their speed changes.

At minute 1:12 you can see how a corner does not comply with the styles given in the Cornerstone configuration.

At minute 1:51 you can see how it is returned in the frontend.

All the time you can see how in the previous version (bottom screen) it works perfect. I repeat it’s the same settings.

In fact I just noticed that if you leave it long enough the slider disappears altogether lol

Hello @ignacioleonrod,

This is a known issue when you use “Marquee” autoplay and the “Carousel” wrap option.

Please use “Interval” with Carousel instead for the time being.

Best Regards.

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